How not to grant Subject Matter Jurisdiction

While living your life and driving rolling along in your car machine, we inevitably bump into policemen people we don’t recognise who want to apply statutes, acts, codes, etc. upon us (which only apply to persons in a society who have given their consent to be held accountable to theses ‘rules’) Here’s how you can step out of your person (a fictitious legal entity created by your birth certificate) and start living sovereign:

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Here’s how one sovereign did it in Las Vegas at a DUI checkpoint:

If ever something goes wrong and you’re hauled into court, don’t worry. Here’s how you could handle that:

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And here’s how one sovereign walked out of court free after the judge abandoned ship after the sovereign asked “Are you addressing me?”:

At this point you should have realised that at no point have you given your name (because it isn’t your name) or any other piece of information. Throughout all of this you have only asked questions and offered your identity. At no point offer any piece of information (no matter how small) as fact. Always turn the phrase into question. If you’d like to see an example of that, here’s how to play Question Tennis:

Also, bare in mind that conduct is very important while living sovereign. While asking questions to people you don’t recognise, you should always have a smile on your face. You should always act passively so that it’s obvious that you present no danger to anyone whatsoever. You’re just a nice sovereign on your way from A to B.

For a more in-depth perspective on the above informationĀ I’d suggest listening to Peoples Internet Radio and Scottish Sovereigns Radio.


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